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Donna Holman, Tel/Fax: 01257 453111
How it all started: One of my first memories .....
Now here I am judging the breed I love at Crufts, 2007. More
  Silvanus Absolutely Fab (Patsy) Top Brood Bitch - 2005, 2004.
Lilymere Delilah of Silvanus Top Brood Bitch 2003, 2002, 2001, 1999. More
Lots of photographs of the breed judging at Crufts, 2007 
Me and the dogs 
Me and the dogs
 Wooster and Siren
Wooster and new puppy, Siren 
One of our dogs, Silvanus Lord Nelson, was the first pure-bred HWV in Australia. Penny has now joined him and 
Penny has given birth to Australia's first ever Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla litter.
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 among the daffodils
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